Today, students are experiencing a lot of stress as requirements and demands are getting tougher with each year. Young people have a lot of issues to worry about: academic progress, written assignments, finding a job, paying out students’ loan and many others. Active social life can save from negative thinking but, still, there are students who are prone to depression more than others.

Young people, who experienced difficulties in preserving mental balance in high school may require some time off to collect their thoughts and understand in what direction to move. A gap year is, probably, the best solution as offers following activities:

Travelling. This is the first thing that comes to mind. Exploring new countries and cultures, learning languages, meeting new people. Students have a chance to see the real life and after their priorities may change;

Some decide to stay at home and dedicate time learning something new like taking music or drama classes. Anyone can go abroad and start courses there;

Another interesting thing to do is volunteering. Students may be involved in helping other communities, taking care of children in third world countries, or help survivors after natural disasters. Doing so they will be distracted from own negative emotions.

During this 12-month break from studies, young people have a chance to grow up and to become more mature. It offers time to understand who you are and what you want to do with your life and to gain new professional or personal experience. They may even consider finding a job, and best resume writing service is of great assistance in this situation. While traveling, they can make international friends and meet new people – these acquaintances can be useful in future.

Stress indications in students

Young people who prefer the traditional approach to education choose to stay and attend university. Once they enter education facility students realize that they have to change the whole lifestyle to fit in. The new environment is more demanding, people around are more motivated, and young people are expected to be independent and working hard. All these requirements may trigger anxiety and students have to develop such skills as stress management, time management, and relaxation to preserve the peace of mind.

One of the main reasons students start experiencing stress is placing high expectations on themselves. Among most common signs of depression are:

  • -Difficulties with concentration;
  • -Lack of motivation;
  • -Increased worrying;
  • -Tight muscles, tension, headaches;
  • -Troubles with sleeping and eating;
  • -Skipping classes;
  • -Irritability, agitation, short temper.

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All these symptoms may re-emerge during stressful times and eventually grow worse.

Tips on managing stress

Anxiety and depression should be treated professionally, but over 70 % of students prefer ignoring symptoms considering them insignificant. If you decided to manage this negative life period by yourself, here are some tips to reduce your stress and improve mental balance:

  • -Start a goal-setting worksheet. Set goals and do your best to achieve them. This activity will significantly improve your mood and distract from destructive thoughts;
  • -Forget about procrastination. Everyday make a To-do list and follow it to the letter. Putting off academic, work-related or personal assignments will create additional stress. Procrastination can have negative impact on every aspect of your life: quality of work, academic progress, relationships with friends and family and much more;
  • -Consider engaging yourself in some sports activity. Try exercising regularly. Physical activity is known for its healing abilities; it helps to burn off the energy that is generated by stress. Also, it creates positive emotions;
  • -Take care of your health, make sure you sleep enough and eat nutritious food;
  • -Some find meditation useful; others recommend starting a journal and write down all emotions you are experiencing. Maybe you will understand yourself better and will be able making decisions and change your life for the better;
  • -Drink more water and avoid caffeine;
  • -Take regular breaks and spend time on fresh air. Read, listen to music, spend quality time with close friends, find a new hobby.
  • -Try laughing more; it reduces tension and stress;
  • -Find out more about relaxation techniques.

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Students are putting a lot of efforts to be successful and deserve time to relax and spend some time in peace.