What can be more energetic and sympathetic than writing? You feel the passion, the drive of words flowing though your veins and your mind. Who cares how well they are formatted if they are passionate and resemble your own, personal mood and tone?

Well, technically, everyone cares. You are, after all, giving your best to impress an audience. And they require a logical, structured, flowing narrative that’s both easy to read and understand. Your words will matter little to nothing if the reader fails to grasp what you were trying to deliver. Unstructured, unfocused works will ensure they won’t get your point.

You can master the art of editing which will not be inferior to that of the guys from the New York Times or 99 papers by simply following a particular set of rules and guidelines. This is how you make your essays shine!

An ugly draft

Before you edit your essay into something that makes rational sense, you have to write down the words first. The “Ugly Draft” stage is where you poor all of your heart’s passion into paper. Don’t worry, the paper can hold it.

You mustn’t have any drawbacks or limitations on this stage. Write down anything that comes to your mind from sentences to bold ideas and even irrational conclusions. Don’t worry about spelling and grammar. The time to test and correct those mistakes is yet to come.

You are basically to write your entire essay here, on this stage, without ever leaving the chair. Only after that’s done you can take a break and enjoy some well-deserved rest.

After the final word has been written, leave the work there. Let the ink sink in. It is advised to return to the editing stage after at least 24 hours. You will give your mind the time to cool down. This way ideas won’t be clouding your judgment.

Let’s break it

After a day’s notice you are to return to the table. Open a separate sheet and break it down into segments: the introduction, the body and the conclusion.

After that’s done, break your initial work into sentences. Put a number near every one of them bad boys. Start shifting and toggling them into groups that resemble a single theme. Let’s say you are writing an “advantages and disadvantages” essay. Group all sentences regarding a single advantage into a single block.

Let’s form it!

Now that that’s done, you are to form the piece back together as a whole. Use the groups of sentences you have and paste them into the document holding your essay’s structure.

Why is this approach the best the market has to offer?

First and foremost, you don’t reject the words of passion you’ve originally used, but you rather amplify their impact with clever, adaptive formatting. This way your readers will feel and express the same emotions you’ve experienced while writing, but the words you deliver will make more sense to them.

Secondly, it’s just a really good way to sharpen your creative writing skills and amplify them with new thoughts and ideas along the way. Enjoy your writing!